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Ernie's Teslas

Ernie Petrocine, a local community member, and new friend of Estes Park STEAM, currently owns two Teslas, and is on the list for two more! He recently let our STEAM classes experience what a real luxury car feels like He taught us how the car works and how they are built. The Tesla doesn't run on a gasoline engine like most cars, but instead a battery and an electric motor. His cars have two trunks, and from experience, are quite roomy.

Ernie's Tesla

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who developed the Tesla, Solar City, PayPal, SpaceX, Open Al and The Boring Company. He also developed a web software company in the early days of the internet and sold it. He also sold PayPal to eBay for 1.5 billion dollars. With his program SpaceX, he's hoping to send people to mars. He is only 45 and he is a multi billionaire. Elon Musk has inspired the Estes Park STEAM students to further themselves in the economic world. 

Some Tesla Facts

-These cars are fast!

-Handles like a high performance sports car in handling and acceleration.

-The new model will be available this year for around $35,000.

-Currently 400,000 people have placed orders for them; have to put down a deposit of $1,000.

-Warranties include

~Transmission- 1 million miles

~Battery- 8 years/500,000 miles

-Owners get "upgrades" as the developers come up with new technology.

-Rated as the safest car in the world

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