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Friends & Donors of Estes Park Science and STEAM

     There are a lot of things that have been made possible for our students only because of the generosity we have seen from a variety of sources, including grants, personal donations, and people volunteering their time and experience.  

Our new Mavic Pro Drone was made possible from a grant from the Village Thrift Shop of Estes Park.  This tool will be utilized in a variety of capacities throughout our district.

In the spring of 2016, Families for Estes awarded a generous grant worth $2900 which allowed us to purchase our first 3-D printer and 4 robotics kits.  The 3-D printer helps us teach our students CAD (Computer Aided Design), while the robotics kits assist in learning beginning coding.

Ernie Petrocine

Also in 2016, the Sunrise Rotary Club supported us with a generous grant that allowed us to purchase two robotics kits and a variety of equipment which was critical when we were in the beginning stages of developing our STEAM curriculum.  

Ernie has wowed our students by bringing up his two Tesla electric cars and teaching us about the technologies involved in creating this new age in vehicles.

Dr. Chrastil from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation  and the Estes Park Police Department

Students have done a Criminology Unit which features solving a crime scene and receiving various instruction from experts from these two law enforcement agencies. 

 A grant from the Jared Polis Foundation allowed us to purchase a second 3-D printer late in 2016, as we simply couldn't keep up with student demand with just the one printer.

Our students have traveled to Longmont to work with St. Vrain Schools on multiple occasions, with the Innovation Center serving as a guide for us as we have developed our own STEAM curriculum.

Nick & Heather Gooch

Nick & Heather bring their computer and web design expertise when they come in and evaluate our students on the websites they create.  Nick is our district's "computer genius"--solving all the tech problems we create.  Heather designed our much-improved website for our school district.  The experience they bring into our classroom is immense, and they have helped make our web design unit very successful as our STEAM class has went on to make some websites for individuals and small business owners.
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