2019 Winners

6th Grade:

Honorable mentions:

Dawn Nguyen "Apples and preservatives"

Alison Raymond & Farrah Collins - "Leaves turning color"

Jeffrey Hinton & Angel Venzor - " Can a basketball create static electricity"

Prashna Budhathoki & Brileigh Leivestad--"Dissolving Skittles"


Best real world experiment Joshua Shultz & Blake Marcantonio "Can plants stop erosion?"


Best presentation of data  Kathryn Lyon & Jessica OMalley “ Does gender make a difference in flexibility”


3rd Place Mackenzie Francis, Madison Fraley "Which fruit molds faster"


2nd Place tie Owen Brandewie- "Electromagnetic Science Festival"

Luke Walker & Justin Marquart- "Schutt vs Xenith Football helmets"


1st Place Karla Vera Rojas -"Can you taste a color?"

7th Grade:

Scientific Method Category:

Honorable Mentions:

  • "Men vs. Women:  Perspectives of the World" by Lexi Richardson & Chloe Coop

  • "Making the Balloon Car Better" by Creed Shotts

  • "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" by Amelia Bryant & Kaylie Wallace

3rd Place:  "Germs, Germs, Germs" by Laurel Williamson & Jade Collinet

2nd Place:  "Does Dishwashing Detergent Affect the Growth of a Plant?" by Joanne Kim

1st Place:  "Water Rocket Efficiency" by Eric Bradford & Kenny Cromer


Demonstration Category:

Honorable Mentions:

  • "Solar Power" by Annalise Anderson

  • "Motorized Mountain Bike" by Joe Kelly & Jesse Trevino

  • "Homemade Telescope" by Mateo Eggen Huerta

  • "Bike Powered Light Bulb" by Sy Rader & Matthew Asche

  • “Battlebot” by Calvin Larson

  • “Ghostbusters Laser; REAL!” by Marshall B. Erickson

3rd Place:  "Liquid Surface Tension by Callum Hoskins

2nd Place:  "Infinity Table" by Wolf Bezark & Ryland Reetz

1st Place:  "Specdrum" by Sophie Kamprath

8th Grade:

Best Overall: 

Bruce Guy and Taren Baldivia - "Tesla Coil."


HM: Jake O'Malley and Luke Stensland - "Recycling 3D Printed Material." Their project was impressive. These ideas could be implemented to minimize the human footprint and reduce plastic waste.


Experiment Category:

3) Amelia Goodwin and Meah Weaver - "Where the Wild Things Grow."

2) Aidan Donaldson and Sam Honda - "Tacky Tires."

1) Sean Knudson - "Jello Flavoring."


Demonstration Category:

3) Dawson Ash, Michael Collins, and Mikey Bird - "Fluid Sand Bed."

2) Lydia Pita - "Photographing the Moon, Stars, and Planets with an iPhone 8."

1) Gabe Housewright, Michael Capo, & Michael McCown - "Homemade Guitar."

Thanks you to all of our sponsors for this year's donations:
This was our first year of breaking the $2000 barrier for our Silent Auction--a total of $2135 was brought in!
This year's logo was designed by 7th grader Cayden Peterson, with the lettering done by 8th grader Lucy Leija.
Kenny & Eric test their 1st place winning rocket
The Tesla Coil rules again!  Bruce & Taren won Best Overall for 8th Grade.
Ryland & Wolf placed 2nd with their "Infinity Mirror"
Annalise's "Solar Power" received honorable mention
8th Grade Winners
7th Grade Winners
6th Grade Winners