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2019 Winners

6th Grade:

Honorable mentions:

Dawn Nguyen "Apples and preservatives"

Alison Raymond & Farrah Collins - "Leaves turning color"

Jeffrey Hinton & Angel Venzor - " Can a basketball create static electricity"

Prashna Budhathoki & Brileigh Leivestad--"Dissolving Skittles"


Best real world experiment Joshua Shultz & Blake Marcantonio "Can plants stop erosion?"


Best presentation of data  Kathryn Lyon & Jessica OMalley “ Does gender make a difference in flexibility”


3rd Place Mackenzie Francis, Madison Fraley "Which fruit molds faster"


2nd Place tie Owen Brandewie- "Electromagnetic Science Festival"

Luke Walker & Justin Marquart- "Schutt vs Xenith Football helmets"


1st Place Karla Vera Rojas -"Can you taste a color?"

7th Grade:

Scientific Method Category:

Honorable Mentions:

  • "Men vs. Women:  Perspectives of the World" by Lexi Richardson & Chloe Coop

  • "Making the Balloon Car Better" by Creed Shotts

  • "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" by Amelia Bryant & Kaylie Wallace

3rd Place:  "Germs, Germs, Germs" by Laurel Williamson & Jade Collinet

2nd Place:  "Does Dishwashing Detergent Affect the Growth of a Plant?" by Joanne Kim

1st Place:  "Water Rocket Efficiency" by Eric Bradford & Kenny Cromer


Demonstration Category:

Honorable Mentions:

  • "Solar Power" by Annalise Anderson

  • "Motorized Mountain Bike" by Joe Kelly & Jesse Trevino

  • "Homemade Telescope" by Mateo Eggen Huerta

  • "Bike Powered Light Bulb" by Sy Rader & Matthew Asche

  • “Battlebot” by Calvin Larson

  • “Ghostbusters Laser; REAL!” by Marshall B. Erickson

3rd Place:  "Liquid Surface Tension by Callum Hoskins

2nd Place:  "Infinity Table" by Wolf Bezark & Ryland Reetz

1st Place:  "Specdrum" by Sophie Kamprath

8th Grade:

Best Overall: 

Bruce Guy and Taren Baldivia - "Tesla Coil."


HM: Jake O'Malley and Luke Stensland - "Recycling 3D Printed Material." Their project was impressive. These ideas could be implemented to minimize the human footprint and reduce plastic waste.


Experiment Category:

3) Amelia Goodwin and Meah Weaver - "Where the Wild Things Grow."

2) Aidan Donaldson and Sam Honda - "Tacky Tires."

1) Sean Knudson - "Jello Flavoring."


Demonstration Category:

3) Dawson Ash, Michael Collins, and Mikey Bird - "Fluid Sand Bed."

2) Lydia Pita - "Photographing the Moon, Stars, and Planets with an iPhone 8."

1) Gabe Housewright, Michael Capo, & Michael McCown - "Homemade Guitar."

Thanks you to all of our sponsors for this year's donations:
This was our first year of breaking the $2000 barrier for our Silent Auction--a total of $2135 was brought in!
Sponsors 2019 jpeg.jpg
Sci Fest Logo 2019.jpg
This year's logo was designed by 7th grader Cayden Peterson, with the lettering done by 8th grader Lucy Leija.
Kenny & Eric.jpg
Kenny & Eric test their 1st place winning rocket
Sci Fest Bruce Taren.jpg
The Tesla Coil rules again!  Bruce & Taren won Best Overall for 8th Grade.
Infinity Mirror.JPG
Ryland & Wolf placed 2nd with their "Infinity Mirror"
Sci Fest Annalise.JPG
Annalise's "Solar Power" received honorable mention
Sci Fest Grace & Elizabeth.JPG
Bike powered generator.JPG
Sci Fest 8th low res.JPG
8th Grade Winners
Sci Fest 7th low res.JPG
7th Grade Winners
Sci Fest 6th Low Res.JPG
6th Grade Winners
Sci Fest Janet low res.JPG
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