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Winners of the 2018 EPMS Science Festival


6th Grade:

HM: "Flatjacks" by Joseph Kelly and Jacob Graham

HM: "Koozie Insulation" by Jade Collinet 

HM: "Diluting Coke and Mentos" by Calvin Larson and Kaiden Smith


Honorable Mentions for POSTER PERFECTION

HM: "The Eyes Have It" by Amelia Bryant and Laurel Williamson 

HM: "Salt Tree Growth" by Neve Cooper and Rylee Nelson Koob


3rd Place Tie: 

"Fingerprint Similarities" by Cayden Peterson

"Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down?" by Mateo Eggan Huerta 

"Concrete Tests" by Austin Tice and Wolf Bezark


2nd Place Tie: 

"Does a Computer's Temperature Affect Performance?" by Eric Bradford

"Dogs vs Humans" by Drew Collinet and Kaisa Marske


1st Place:

"Exercise Experts" by Grace Thamert and Kiara Delgado




7th Grade:

The 7th grade had two different categories for students to compete in.  One category involved following the traditional Scientific Method format.  Then there was a new division, called the Demonstration category which places a greater emphasis on the presentation and the overall engagement aspects of the projects.


Finalists for the Scientific Method Category:

  • HM:  “What Melts” by Lydia Pita & Timber Lockhart

  • HM:  “Does Age Affect Taste” by Lucy Leija & Amelia Goodwin

  • 3rd Place:  “What Will Whiten” by Sam Honda

  • 2nd Place:  “5 Second Rule” by Reese Thompson & Nicole Stegeman

  • 1st Place:  “It’s Dew Time” by Jake O’Malley


Finalists for the Demonstration Category:

  • HM:  "The Amazing Claw Machine" by Jake Nichols

  • HM:  “How Tornadoes Work” by Conner Summers & Franco Rangel

  • HM:  “Electric Fruits” by Gael Rojas Santana

  • HM:  “Static Electricity” by Colin Laird

  • HM:  “Making Music Isn’t So Easy” by Micah McCreery & Mason Wignall

  • 3rd Place:  “PVC Marimba” by Gabe Housewright & Jackson Faulkner

  • 2nd Place:  “Can You Hear?  It’s the Human Ear!” by Samantha Workman

  • 1st Place:  “Tesla Coil” by Bruce Guy


8th Grade:

HM: "Fingerprint Phenomenon" by Nolan Marske

HM: "I Spy: Men vs. Women" by Bella Walker 

HM: "The Color of your Heartbeat" by Benjamin Anderson


Best Overall: projects in this category were selected based on effort, originality of idea, and use of the Scientific Method

3rd - "Vitamin C You Later" by Simon Igel

2nd - "Paper Airplane Aerodynamics" by Kadynce Shotts

1st - "Perception of Color" by Alexandra Poppitz and Ashley Maese 


"Funded" division:  projects in this category were selected based on the likelihood of getting scientific funding

2nd - "How to Keep a Cold One" by Caleb Kilgore and Tevyn Cox

1st  Tie--"Experimental Development of the Correlation between Types of Beak and Bird Population" by Hyunji Cho

“Effects of Salinity on Brine Shrimp” by Tobi Ho


"STEAM" division:  the project selected for this category incorporated all components of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)

1st - "Vroom Vroom: Building an RC Car" by Ben Ferree

7th Grade finalists accept their awards.

8th Grade winners take the stage.

Sam Honda shows his display of his 3rd place project--"What Will Whiten?"

6th grader Alex Regalado shows his project.

Bruce Guy won the 7th Grade Demonstration category with his project in which he created his own Tesla Coil from scratch.

Principal Janet Bielmaier addresses one of the largest crowds we have ever had.

Jake Nichols is shown in the background explaining how his "Amazing Claw Machine" works.  He built a fully-functioning claw machine that ran off of hydraulics.  Due to illness, he missed the judging, which was unfortunate.  He did receive an honorable mention however, for his impressive work.

Jackson Faulkner & Gabe Housewright play a song on the PVC marimba they built, which placed 3rd in the Demonstration Category.

Sophomore John Ferree has obviously trained lil' bro' Ben well, as Ben won the STEAM division for 8th grade.

And of course, thank you to all of our judges who volunteered their time to interview our students and judge their projects.  

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