Coding & Robotics

     Coding has been identified as one of the highest-need areas in the near future--and this means lots of future jobs!  So in this unit, we introduce students to coding, and then students can apply this coding into building and operating robotics kits.

     Students will start in basic coding using  This will provide a basic foundation which they can continue on into other forms, or continue with the curriculum if they take STEAM multiple times.

     The robotics kits we have are Lego EV3 Windstorms.  These kits were acquired through grant funding from two local sources:  "Families for Estes" and the "Estes Valley Sunrise Rotary".  A big thank you goes out to both of these organizations--the purchase of these robotics kits would not have been possible without this grant funding.  

To sign up for coding, click the button below:

     If you want to get a start on basic block coding for free, you can try Scratch at home.  Below is a tutorial and other information to get you started.

Scratch Tutorial

To view Scratch video tutorials, click the link below and view the "Loom" videos at the bottom--those will pull up at school.