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What is STEAM?

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

STEAM is a multi electoral class, combining the elements of Science, Engineering, Technology, the Arts, and Mechanics. Our class, within Estes Park High school, especially focuses on these traits--thus leading us to join the Lexus Eco Challenge (Land and Water).

Why we chose the Lexus Eco Challenge

We as a STEAM class chose to join the Lexus Eco Challenge, for our interest in helping our environment locally overcame us. After a short debate, recycling came into our view as the prime subject to point our research towards. The topic of recycling, as we found, can have the greatest impact on any environment; either beneficial or degrading.

The Issue with Recycling in EPHS

Estes Park High School (EPHS) has as much of an impact on our town as any other location; if not, more. With this in mind, we found if the school changes a new leaf, then it can alter our environment for the greater cause. However, our school has yet to reach this point. Students (and/or teachers) have been found to mix recycling with trash, and vise versa (shown in the statistics section). We hope to combat this issue by multiple means of media distribution.

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