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Forensics & Criminology Unit

     This unit brings in two great resources to provide learning experiences for our students--Dr. Natalie Chrastil from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, and then our very own Estes Park Police Department.

     Dr. Chrastil brings a lot of information and experiences to our students, talking about her job with the Division of Criminal Investigation, various aspects of the Division as it relates to solving crimes, and talking about the type and amount of education needed to work in the field of criminal investigation.  She then explains how to prepare for a job interview, and works with the students on proper introductions, including eye contact and body language.  Then the students finish with a fingerprinting activity.  Yeah, she packs a LOT into one class period!

     School Resource Officer Curt Plassmeyer and the Estes Park Police Department then conduct a mock crime scene investigation with our students.  This year, detective Jerry Twigg assisted Officer Plassmeyer with setting up a crime scene, then explaining to students how the police conduct a crime scene investigation, and talk about the different teams involved in a crime scene as well as basic principles of investigation and how to not contaminate evidence.  Then students are put into teams and off to the crime scene they go!  Spoiler alert--do NOT read any further if you have not taken this class yet... the bad guy turns out to be Officer Plassmeyer! 

     A big thank you to Dr. Natalie Chrastil, Curt Plassmeyer, and Jerry Twigg for putting these experiences together for our students.

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