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Fire storms are very serious and naturally occurring infernal tempests that not only sound like a band name, but can make a wildfire much more dangerous within seconds. Wildfires create heat within them that is almost unimaginable, reaching temperatures of over 800 Celsius or 1400 Fahrenheit. Within this heat, the fire begins to create its own weather, causing unexpected wind directions and eventually fire storms. The heat stacks on top of itself, bringing air into the center causing a swirling effect, in essence, a tornado of fire. These are much more dangerous than an average tornado, they switch directions quickly much like tornadoes but also engulf everything, not just in their path, but things around them that get pulled into the inferno. Firestorms can form together to become larger reaching heights of over 2 meters above the flames. These horrific natural disasters require extremely hot wildfires and a lot of fuel to burn, the best way to prevent these things from happening would be to reduce the fuel for the fire on your property so the fire has nothing to burn. Talk to your local fire department about controlled burns in your area or brush piles to put your dead trees and other fuel. During the Cameron Peak fire many people refused to clean up their yards because they believed it wasn’t their place to remove the trees, but it is, in fact, the only way to keep yours and other people’s houses safe when large fires come knocking. So do your part and prevent the fires from growing large enough to create firestorms. You didn’t start the fire, but you can keep the storm at bay.

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