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Eclipse 2017

     It was a great way to kick off the school year with the 6th and 9th graders to be on campus to view the solar eclipse.  Below are a few pictures of the event taken from our drone.

Mrs. Carner leads a group of 6th graders as the moon starts to move in front of the sun.
6th Grade Science teacher Steve Johnson put in a lot of time and planning so students and teachers would get to see and learn about this unique astronomical event.  Thanks, Steve!
This was about the height of the eclipse--you can see how much darker it is than the previous pictures above.  Temperatures dropped 13 degrees during this time.  Steve Johnson explained how though where we were located would receive 96% coverage of the sun, each percent has a magnitude of 1000 in regards to the light emitted from the sun, so that is why it wasn't "96% dark" here.  If that doesn't make sense, ask Steve!  It made much more sense how he explained it to me.
The Estes Park Memorial Observatory drew a significant crowd to observe the eclipse.
This diagram from demonstrates how this eclipse occurred.
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