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Winners of the "Drone Presentations" Project

     Students were given the task of competing for "a drone".  Much like the process we went through to get grant funding (from Village Thrift Shop) for our Science Department drone, students had to come up with the best "plan" for practical uses of a drone, then create a presentation based around those ideas, and then finally make their "pitch" to the class as to why they would be the most deserving group to be awarded a drone.  Focal points included coming up with a variety of practical ideas, serving a wide variety of customers, having an effective visual presentation, and communicating ideas in an informative and persuasive manner.  On Friday September 1st, they made their pitches to see who would get "hired" for having the best product/idea.

     The students did an outstanding job overall on their first attempt at making pitches for their product.  In our STEAM classes, besides encouraging 21st Century Learning Skills, we also encourage competition, because after all, that is reality as well--no participation ribbons here, folks!

     Congratulations to the winners shown below for getting "hired" for having the best pitches of their product.

Period 7:

  • Molly L., Sydney P., Kaitlynn P.

  • Keagan B., Atlas R., Jonah S.

  • Gabe L.s ("People's Choice" winner, selected by the students)

Period 8:

  • Abby K., Alexandra P., Bella W.

  • Lucy S. & Allie S.

  • Abby K., Alexandra P., & Bella W. were also chosen as the "People's Choice" winners of their class.

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