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Using a CAD Program & 3-D Printing

     Thanks to receiving a grant from "Families for Estes" in April of 2016, and then another grant from the "Jared Polis Foundation" in December, our district now has two more 3-D printers than we had before!

     Students are introduced to a CAD (computer aided design) program, and then utilize that program to allow students to create products on the 3-D printer.  The CAD program we introduce them to is called "TinkerCad"--it is free and available online, so that way students who gain an interest in computer aided design can experiment with it at home and then we can print their creations off for them here at school even if they are not in a STEAM class.  We have seen several students take on projects of their own after being introduced to the CAD program.

A huge thanks to "Families for Estes" and the Jared Polis Foundation for the funding of the 3-D printers, which made this addition to our curriculum possible!

Tinkercad Assignment #1
Click on the link below for  image converter:
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