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Halibut 35.HEIC

About Your Teacher:

     My name is Joe Frey, and this is my 17th year of teaching at Estes Park Middle School, and 29th year overall.  I am an avid outdoorsman, enjoying fishing, shooting, gardening, and virtually anything that involves being outside.  I fish over 100 days a year, so that is kind of "my thing".

     I am certified to teach seven different content areas, but I find teaching science and STEAM to be the most enjoyable of all the areas I have taught just because there is so much that seems directly relevant and interesting to our students--as well as to myself.

     Please feel free to stop by our classroom sometime.  We try to learn everyday and attempt to have a good time while doing it!

Class Rules: 

   This part is easy--we start out with 5 rules, and if everybody does those four simple things, there isn't any need for any more.

1.  Be on time.

2.  Use your time appropriately.

3.  Respect everybody else's time.

4.  When asked to do something (or NOT do something), please do it after being asked the first time nicely.

5.  If something doesn't pertain to you (such as somebody's project off to the side), please leave it alone!

* If we all just follow these 5 simple rules, we have found that we don't need any other rules!

Late Work:

     This is another easy one--turn things in on time.  If you follow the rules listed above, you shouldn't have much homework in this class.  And since what we do one day often builds into what we are doing the next day, turning things in on time is essential.

     So if you use your time in class and are organized, things should be in on time.  If you have an individual situation, please talk to your teacher about it.

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