7th Grade Science

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Week of May 11-15

Thursday May 14:

  • Brain Stretcher

  • Continue working on Final Project.

  • Get these to me by Friday at the latest!

Friday May 15:

  • Last day of online school.

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Class Content & Curriculum:

     Our units of study for this course is as follows:

1.  Introduction to Science

2.  Applied Math in Science

3.  Overview of Living Things

4.  Plants and Animals

5.  The Human Body

6.  Cytology & The Microscope

7.  Inside Earth

8.  Ecology   

Online-School Lessons:
Class Resources:

Unit 7:  Inside Earth

Light Energy Pre-Assessment
Inside Earth Project
Major Earthquake or Volcano Assignment
Mapping Activity Instructions
History of the Earth Assignment
Pandemic Assignment
Light Energy Pre-Assessment Espanol
Proyecto Dentro de la Tierra:
Gran terremoto o evento volcánico
History of the Earth Espanol
Mapping Activity Map
Pandemia y / o Epidemia
Guía de Calificación de Informes de Laboratorio 
Lab Report Scoring Guide
EPMS Writing Rubric
Rúbrica de Escritura de Formato
Sample Lab Report

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